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Are you a traveler or a tourist? Do you love going to African Countries? Would you like to tour Madagascar this season and experience the exciting and fantastic cities to travel to that this nation has to offer? This is your opportunity to visit a place of peace and true African touch.

One of the exciting things to find in this Island is the beautiful hotels under splendid landscapes and panoramic views. The amenities in some of the hotels will give you the best opportunity to stay in this wonderful country pleasantly and comfortably.

In fact, the good breakfast and the well trained guides are great in taking you round this country. Definitely, the hotels of this Island are the most visited in Africa.

One other thing to note is the fact that you will find budget hotels, mid range hotels and also the luxury hotels. All these are in the name of giving you the chance to have quality time with friends, colleagues and family without much financial worry.

Examples of budget hotels

Madagascar has a lot of budget hotels that are just waiting for you to explore. Moreover, never think that these budget hotels are of low nature. What sets apart the industry of budget hotels is the fact that the hotels present are of high quality of different costs in order to suite the tourists needs. For example:

Lecolbert – This is a 2 star hotel located in this country. It has one of the best services that are colored by its well furnished furniture.

Les Hautes Terres Hotel – This is a 2 star hotel that is located in Antanarivo and well connected to the airport. It has quality services.

Grand Hotel du Louvre – This is a quality hotel that is best suited for the business travelers. It is located in Antanarivo.

Alamanda Hotel – This is another hotel of a kind in Antanarivo where it features a restaurant and a bar/lodge. It has one of the best room services.

Examples of mid range hotels

Leparadisier hotel – This is a three star mid range facilities that range from the laundry services and the shuttle services. You can also find fun at the swimming pool and the animation that is located within the premises.

LaNote Bleue Park Hotel – This is a middle level 4 star hotel that is located in Anatanarivo Madagascar. It is also easy to access from the air port. It has a restaurant and a well reserved breakfast section.

Loharano Hotel -This is another hotel of a kind that is located in nosy be. It has wonderful features and superb bar and restaurant.

Vanilla Hotel and Spa – This is a 3 star hotel that is located close to the Nosy Beach of Madagascar. It has nice dining place and restaurant.

Examples of luxury hotels

If you are intending to enjoy your time in the luxurious places of this Island then you ought to take up on the luxurious hotels. For example:

Carlton Madagascar – This is an ex Hilton hotel that serve the luxurious services to the tourists and visitors to the Island. It has an elevator and nice food facility which includes bar and restaurant.

Amarina Hotel Ora Resort – This is a 4 star hotel that has all the luxury that you need in a hotel. It is located in Nosy be and serves quality dishes from breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has also a well furnished bar and restaurant.

Anjajavyl Hotel – This is a place for the meat eating fun times. This is a nice hotel in that attracts many visitors season in season out.

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