10 Best NEW Hotels in the World


A good hotel adds excitement and a luxurious vibe to the travel experience. It is a crucial part of a vacation/tour that adds to the memories of the trip. When looking for a holiday, you must look for a luxury stay at the most affordable price. If you wish to experience a comfortable stay then you might choose to stay in any of the under mentioned new hotels in the world:

The Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa
The Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa, Dubai has created world record by being the highest building ever built in the history of the world. Located near the Indian Ocean, it is an architectural masterpiece. The interior decoration gives a sense of perfection and every inch is diligently maintained. It is thus easily the best hotel in the world. It is, however, affordable only to the extremely rich and financially well off guests. This magnificent structure is located at the downtown Dubai and is easily accessible at $816 for a one day stay for two.

The Nolitan, Italy
The Nolitan luxury hotel in the north of “Little Italy” is one where travelers can spend their vacation in a soothing atmosphere with well colored and polished rooms. It is kept impeccably clean and is equipped with modern electronic gadgets and finely done rooms. Customers can book their stay during February only. The hotel allows guests to enjoy cycling and skating. You can find this beautiful paradise at 30 Kenmare street, Chinatown, Little Italy, New York. And this place is available at $259 per person stay overnight.

Aloft Brooklyn, NYC
This hotel in New York is a low cost hotel made in a simple, stylish design located at 216 Duffield street, Brooklyn, New York. It has a 24*7 meal serving system, “Bliss Spa toiletries” and a Wi-Fi connection. The cost of accommodation in this hotel for an individual is about $408 for a day’s stay.

W London
With 192 rooms for guests, it is a 10 storey building. It is covered with translucent glass and has a nightclub with a huge disco light as entertainment. The windows are from the floor to the room’s ceiling. The hotel is located at Leicester Square, 10 Wardour Street, London and costs around $650 per person for a day’s stay.

Corinthia, London
Corinthia hotel in London is another new hotel that is worth a stay. It boasts a traditionally British style of rooms and furniture, and looks modern at the same time. The services provided by the hotel are also impressive. Located in downtown London, this hotel offers a stay for two at the rate of $849 for night stay.

Shangri-La, Paris
The Shangri-La Paris is a well made hotel that was recently opened. It boasts of 81 rooms for guests, with most rooms and suites having a direct view of the Eiffel Tower. Most rooms have attached private balconies and terraces. One can locate this magnificent hotel at 10 avenue, D’Iena, 75116 Paris, France. And the rooms are available at US $925 per person for a day’s stay.

Peninsula Shanghai, China
Situated in Shanghai, China, this Asian hotel is luxurious and massive in size. The crafts and design is Chinese and has 235 rooms, apart from other attractions like wonderful dining services. This hotel is at No,32 The Bund, 32 Zhongshan, Dong Yi Road, Shanghai. The hotel offers best services and lounge facilities at US $765 per person for a day.

Mamilla Hotel, Israel
This hotel in Jerusalem with 194 rooms has grand luxurious accommodations, lobbies and several high quality bars. It is in a tranquil place and helps its guests to relax. This hotel is located at King Solomon St 11, Jerusalem, Israel. One can easily access this place for a room booking at $690 for a day’s stay.

Viceroy Anguilla Hotel
This hotel at Barnes Bay, West End, Anguilla in the Caribbean has well spaced rooms and has pools. It is surrounded by beautiful sceneries and will surely bring pleasure and rejuvenation to one’s holidays. A day’s stay for an individual at this hotel would reach up to a cost of US $594.

Best New Chalon
This hotel at Australia has well made suites suited for different groups; from family to friends. It serves free breakfast and has pools and a gym. The restaurant with it is also impressive. Located at 702 Bruce Highway, Cairns 4870, Australia, Best New Chalon is offers accommodation to the travelers at US $75.

A stay in any of these can be more than a fulfilling experience for the traveler. Though new, these hotels are no less than the already established hotels. So when holidaying in any of the cities, choose to get accommodation in the above mentioned hotels.

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